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SPA v PPA Cricket Match - Match Report

2nd July 2009

Alas it was not to be..................HOWZAT I hear you cry........

THE SPA have lost the Cup, The PPA putting an end to their losing streak.....making it 2-1 in the series at the third annual cricket match !

We lost the toss to PPA's Captain Neil Hawkins ( Chandler Hawkins) (after the team photos kindly taken by Deep South Media -see below) and PPA elected to bat first ( not a good omen , especially when the handle of the trophy fell off !) with agreement of a 16 over match , bowlers rotate every 4 over's and no first ball wickets, and boy was it HOT....but the Fareham & Crofton Cricket ground looked splendid , with the tide rising ...

Whilst there was high spirits with the SPA as the valiant 11 (proudly wearing their SPA team tops ) strode onto the pitch ....we soon realised where's Mr McGougan ( LSH) ?....and we were suddenly 6 over's through with only 10 players, with some mighty fine batting from Steve Sedgeley and Andy Rogers who soon both retired for 25 not out ! Despite a fine bowling effort from Jonathan Kiddle ( Savills) and Stephen Mallinson ( Bon Pearce)

......But then the red capped McGougan appeared and our luck started to change, with a wicket by Graham Clarke with some tricky bowling..and a further two wickets from Mr Kiddle and Stuart Irvine ( Turleys)

Some excellent fielding by Richard Purcell ( Thomas Egar ) , diving all over the place and not letting a ball past him ......but then disaster struck at the 10th over with Philip Dixon ( Lester Aldridge ) our Wicket Keeper, who was doing a valiant job and stopping the leg byes, ....his back gave out and practically had to be carried off the pitch..”..hope you're OK now Phil ?” The “Hoff” stepped into keep wicket with (if i do say myself) a nice single left hand catch off a superb bowl by Mr Kiddle, dismissing John Blake for 7.

However PPA finished with 128 not out ( 8 an over)..... We clearly missed Steve Williams ( BNP) fast bowling , who was unable to play owing to a dodgy BBQ'd burger at the weekend and David Fanchi ( Thomas Egar ) , who had the audacity to go on holiday !

The cricket club looked after us with refreshing drinks and then it was our turn to bat.....

In stepped Tony Boyle ( Lacey Hickie Caley ) and Rob McArthur (LSH) who saw off some ferocious bowling from Ben Bystry (Coffin Mew & Clover )and Steve Sedgeley, but alas Mr Boyle went for two which didn't reflect a long partnership with Mr McArthur with some excellent quick runs between the innings.

Mr McArthur was sensational not allowing to be unnerved by the bowling and quickly getting to 25 and retiring which included a 4 and a 7..yes 7 (basically ran 3 and then the fielder threw the ball so hard at the wicket that it went to the boundary for another 4!

Unfortunately PPA's Wicky ( Mr Hawkins ) retired also with an injured calf !

Stephen Mallinson also quickly took apart the bowling with four “4's” retiring with 27. Other highlights were Mr McGougan's 13 ( only the third time he's ever played cricket !!!) and a 8 not out for Sir Graham Clarke .

All sadly culminating in 103 for SPA....again Steve Williams hitting power was missed ....know pre-match BBQ's for you next year !

Albeit the post match BBQ and beer went down very nicely as the sun set......

All in all a fantastic sporting / social event for both Associations in these challenging times.

And a big thanks to Rob Marchant ( Clive Emson ) for pulling this together ( but able to play owing to injury) and allowing us to play on Fareham's grounds, who are trying to raise £850k for a much needed new pavilion for their top level cricket team(s).

Let's hope we can do it again next year, but in the meantime I heard a Football challenge over the bar let me know who's up for that in the winter !

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