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Quarter Days

31st July 2017

I could not remember when the quarter days were until someone told me this useful aide-memoire, which I will now share with you. The first thing that you will probably all know is that one of the Quarter Days is on Christmas Day, 25th December. But what about the 3 others? Well, if one is in December then logically the three others must fall in March, June and September. But what date in those months is the question, which is where the clever bit comes in. They are all twenty somethings. March has 5 letters, so it's the 25th March, June has 4 letters, so it's the 24th June and September has 9 letters and so it's the 29th September. Easy wasn't it!

Posted by:

Chris Clark

Ely Langley Greig

023 8027 4211

SPA Committee: Hon. Secretary

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