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Beware!! Scammers operating in our area

24th November 2021

We are sadly all too used to receiving warnings of the latest scams, but this particular one was specifically directed at a highly regarded commercial property agent, SPA member in Southampton and they have asked that the broad details are made known to the wider membership in order that we may all be on our guard.

Our informant has asked not to be named and we have decided not to name the scammer for legal reasons, much as though we would like to, as he appears to be a local man, and we have seen the Facebook page which has been set up by his victims.

Our member was asked to pitch for a commercial property instruction and part way through the meeting the scammer suggested he might buy our member's company with an enticingly lucrative offer. Mindful however that if it looks too good to be true it probably is, our member performed due diligence and uncovered the damning Facebook page and indeed spoke with other professionals who had been gulled out of thousands of pounds.

Apparently, the scammer claims to have funds in Canada which turn out to be slow in coming over and the victim is asked to pay the scammer's bills in the meantime.

So be careful out there and if you receive a similar approach make sure that you perform due diligence and report any such contacts to SPA in order that we can prepare a file to pass to the appropriate authorities.

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